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Swedish Wedding Rings - Handmade in Stockholm

Swedish Wedding Rings - Handmade in Stockholm-Hanno Stockholm

Wedding and engagement rings have been a symbol of sealing the bond of love of two people throughout thousands of years. It is not different in Sweden. Swedish wedding ring designs are characterized by tradition. Here, at Hanno Stockholm AB, this tradition is combined with modern technology. 

However, finding the wedding ring of your dreams is not an easy task, for sure. But imagine how you would feel if you could experience the touch and feel of the ring maker’s hand? That is what inspires us at Hanno Stockholm AB to come up with unique and breathtaking designs that could only be realized in dreams. 


Swedish wedding tradition

We have all attended at least a couple of weddings but in Sweden, the wedding tradition has a very interesting take. The warm spring weather marks the beginning of the Swedish wedding season. The Swedes tend to do their wedding uniquely — while some get married in a church, others prefer a boat or even a barnyard. The bride and the bridegroom are all prepared to start a new phase in their lives, and the guests are present to bless them.


Traditional Swedish wedding bands

Now, if we are discussing Swedish wedding traditions, how can we not talk about Swedish wedding rings? Weddings and wedding bands have always fascinated us with their sheer appeal and beauty. You can learn a ton about a country if you closely observe their customs, traditions, and culture. This is especially true when we talk about a Swedish wedding ring or a band, which is an integral part of the traditional Swedish wedding attire.

Traditionally, Swedish women wear three bands — one for their engagement, one for marriage, and the third for motherhood. In fact, the Swedish wedding ring finger is usually the fourth finger, as the Greeks believe that the ring finger is connected to the eart. Interestingly, that finger is also known as “Vena Amori”, which translates to “vein of love”. 


Diamonds, yes or no? Gold or silver?

According to the traditional norms, the bride and groom usually purchase a gold wedding band for their engagement and a diamond Swedish wedding ring to mark the occasion of their marriage. With the merger of both the cultures — the American and the Western European — the bride now receives a diamond wedding ring while the bridegroom makes peace with his gold wedding band. 

Another interesting change that could be observed in the modern Swedish wedding traditions is that women opt for a more ornate style of wedding jewelry, contrary to the sharp silver German pieces that were once popular in Scandinavian nations.


Design of Swedish wedding rings by Sako Hanno

At Hanno Stockholm AB, we are all about combining our traditions with modern techniques. Sako Hanno is the jeweler behind our pieces. Traveling the world, he is not only integrating Swedish jewelry culture, but also his experiences and impressions collected during the past years when working for different artists and brands. Among his clients are many celebrities and members of the royal family. 

We source the best materials from the most trustworthy and reliable origins to provide you with an experience of a lifetime on your big day. We only work with 18k gold, rose, white, yellow, and platina. The best part is all the jewelry of Hanno Stockholm AB is hand-made and conflict-free, which makes it even more desirable for the wearer and the onlookers. We work with natural diamonds, but also offer lab-grown ones on request. 

Take a look at our collection of different engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewelry. 


Customized Scandinavian Wedding Rings

Customized Swedish wedding rings are a different league altogether. The process starts when a customer carries a drawing of their design and Sako Hanno develops a model of the ring with the appropriate carvings of the hand. You can choose between different shapes and kinds of diamonds and rings. If some engravings or details need to be added, it is done at this stage. The bands are then, created, set, polished, and the couple is ready to start their matrimonial journey. 

To find your exact ring size, you can choose to print the conversion size on an A4 paper. Use a ruler to check the corresponding size that scales on the paper. You might also want to keep a ring at hand that you wish to wear on the same finger as the Swedish wedding ring. 

We are happy to consult you in taking the right choice for your customized wedding rings. You can visit us in our Stockholm atelier, or we arrange an appointment online.

How to buy Swedish wedding rings?

If you are looking to buy the best Swedish wedding rings, then Hanno Stockholm AB would be your choice. We create out-of-the-world designs to commemorate the joy, unity and love of a shared bond. If you do not find a suitable ring from the available collection, we also offer customized designs for you. 


Ordering and Delivery

You can directly order your Swedish wedding rings from our website. We start producing your ring as soon as we receive your order. Depending on how many orders we have in our atelier, we take anywhere between two and four weeks to process your order. 

We ship all our orders through FedEX, which comes with full insurance coverage. Make sure to enter your contact details correctly when you place an order on our website. 

If that has convinced you enough to take the leap and buy the wedding ring of your dreams, contact us right away to make a purchase. 

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