How Long Should The Engagement Ring Buying Process Take?

How Long Should The Engagement Ring Buying Process Take?-Hanno Stockholm
How Long Does It Take to Get an Engagement Ring?

Robert Browning, one of the most notable Victorian era poets and playwrights, wrote, ‘Grow old with me! The best is yet to be’. 

What is even a better start than putting a ring on the person you love?

In fact, getting engaged is the first step one can take to a cheerful future.

Chances are good that you’ve decided to pop the big question really soon. You might have been almost dreaming about the big moment — how to go about it, what should be the ideal location, what to ask, and so on. 

One other question that will cross your mind around this time is — ‘Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?’ or ‘How long does it take to get an engagement ring?’ 

We, at Hanno Stockholm, are here to present you with not only the most exquisite collection of engagement rings but also a heart-warming one. 

We understand purchasing an engagement ring can be quite a challenge, right from the selection of the design, ordering, to receiving the ring within your selected engagement timeline can be hectic. 


What Is the Ideal Time to Order an Engagement Ring?

A survey done by more than 100 diamond industry professionals resulted, that there isn’t exactly a right time to buy an engagement ring. Honestly, the price of high-quality gemstones does not vary by a great margin. Discounts and sales help to some extent, but for the most part, they are used to move the needle on flanking stones and settings.

To offer the most honest answer, we can say that the best time is when you decide to propose. Once you are certain that you want to be together forever, ready to take the plunge and prepared both financially and emotionally, the ring and the story will fall in place.


Where To Find the Perfect Place to Shop Your Engagement Ring?

In the present time’s hectic schedule, stepping out is quite a time-consuming thing. We offer you the luxury of checking out myriad options of engagement rings from the comfort of your home.

We, at Hanno Stockholm, produce rings that will lend you the ‘touch, feel and experience of the maker’s hand’ in your engagement band. Our maker has worked across the world from a pretty young age and is renowned for making pieces of jewelry for the royal families and celebrities as well. That said, each of the designs we create is suited to your exquisite tastes and preferences.

You can shop any from our comprehensive collection – solitaire, diamond band, side stones, classic band, men’s, vintage, color gems, halo, and cosmos. We never compromise on the quality as we know an engagement ring is a stepping stone of a beautiful relationship. We only use 18k gold, rose, platina, white, and yellow. Our diamonds have ratings of F/G, SI, VS, and VVS.

If you are planning a Swedish wedding, then you would definitely want to check our Swedish Wedding Ring from our collection will make your wedding stand a class apart.

We have a collection that is for everyone. Our pricing for engagement rings ranges anywhere between €1,134 and €11,346. You get to choose from a wide variety of colors, and we believe in ‘true craftsmanship’. 


How Long Does It Take to Get an Engagement Ring?

Most customers are concerned about how many hours it takes to make a ring. But the custom engagement ring creation process totally depends on how each of the following steps are executed:


Research and Consultation

This is the first and the most crucial step. As a couple, you need to research engagement bands before you seek help from a professional. This process typically takes about a week. While researching for the perfect band, learn as much as possible about certified diamonds and different gemstones. This research and knowledge will go a long way in helping you find your ideal wedding ring.

After you have completed the initial research, you can start with browsing engagement rings options that are inspired by different gemstone cuts and settings.

We, at Hanno Stockholm, understand that the right wedding band starts with a great story. To help you better, we would want to take some time to understand you and your partner, especially around your likings, tastes, and preferences, before we go ahead and select the perfect one for you.  


Zero on the Perfect Design

If you have always dreamt of a tailor-made engagement ring, then this is probably your favorite step. You can provide a sketch of your dream piece to us. Meanwhile, we will create the 3D models of your ring to ensure we have got your specifications right to the letter. We will accommodate several iterations to ensure that what you wish for is what you get.


Review and Feedback

Once we have the model design ready, we will send them for your review and feedback. We will try to capture as much of the details in the angles, so you know what you can exactly expect from us. You can take your time to decide, and we would not really wish to rush you at this stage. We even offer several rounds of iterations to make sure that all the details have been captured perfectly in your dream wedding ring. Usually, this process can take anywhere between one and three weeks.



This is the stage where we will transform all your dreams and inspirations into reality by merging the models and the imagery to create the ring of your dreams. This step includes following the model, and sketches, then diffusing the metals, and furnishing the gemstone, and more. You can expect this process to take anywhere between three and four weeks.


Final Review and Delivery

Once we have completed the creation process, we will send the images of your ring to you to make sure we have been able to exceed your expectations. Once you approve the design and the final product, we will make arrangements to ship it to you so that you can receive the ring of your dreams in the next couple of days.


Choosing Between Tailor-made and In-stock Rings

After going through the details about how long it takes to get an engagement ring, the next question will probably be around — can you buy an engagement ring the same day? The answer is a yes.

Apart from following the tailor-made procedure, we also have an array of ready-made rings. If you come across one you like and that fits your finger perfectly, then consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, alterations need to be made, which hardly takes a week or so.

The decision of purchasing an in-stock ring or a customized one mostly depends on the timeline. If your engagement is pre-planned, then it is best to opt for a tailor-made ring, otherwise in-stock options are perfect.

We, at Hanno Stockholm, will provide you with the most outstanding piece, along with detailed information on how long it takes to get an engagement ring depending on the piece you select. It just takes a minute to ring us at +46 76 811 61 67 or visit our website for getting your partner a ring that both of you will cherish for a lifetime. 

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