Lab-Grown Diamond vs. Moissanite

Lab-Grown Diamond vs. Moissanite-Hanno Stockholm

As rare as diamonds are, they are becoming quite accessible to the masses. Today, we are seeing a rise in lab-grown diamonds that look exactly like the natural precious stone and similar stones such as Moissanite. But which is better?

The lab-grown diamond vs Moissanite debate has been around for some time now. And the answer to it relies on your preferences. Whatever stone you prefer in your rings and jewellery, you can be sure to find the most stunning designs on Hanno Stockholm AB. We bring you a blend of exquisite tradition with cutting-edge technology that will make you look like a dream. 


What is Moissanite?

Before we dive into the lab-grown diamond vs Moissanite comparison, let us first understand what Moissanite is. Discovered in 1893, it is a naturally occurring stone. However, the natural version is even rarer than diamonds. Thus, all Moissanite used in jewellery is lab-grown.

It makes for an excellent option for engagement rings if you are on a budget. They don't classify as valuable but aren't cheap either. They are moderately priced and are a great option for engagement rings.

They may look similar to diamonds but are vastly different from them - from shine and design to hardness and price. Let us see how they differ from both diamonds and lab-grown ones.


Moissanite vs lab-grown diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are created in labs due to natural diamonds being very rare stones. They look the same as the natural version when it comes to shine and design, they are also made of the same composition.

Lab-grown diamonds test as Moissanite. They are more expensive than Moissanite. However, both are grown in a lab and take almost the same amount of time to be made, that is around a month. 

Both have different compositions, and therefore they shine and sparkle differently. Moissanite shines yellowish or in rainbow colours. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, shine exactly like the natural version in bright white light.

Whether Moissanite is better than it or not depends entirely on what you want in your jewellery. If you are looking for something that can pass off as diamond and is extremely affordable, Moissanite is your best bet.


Natural diamond vs lab-grown vs Moissanite

Diamonds, being one of the rarest precious stones around the world, are extremely expensive. Lab-grown diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative to them that also happen to be easy on the pocket. Moissanite is an even more affordable alternative that looks very similar to them.

You can absolutely tell the difference between a diamond and Moissanite as they shine and sparkle differently. However, Moissanite tests as diamonds. They look similar enough to them for you to go for them.

Diamonds are the most expensive precious stone. Ones that are grown in the lab can be bought for around half the price. Moissanite is significantly cheaper than lab-grown diamonds. It is truly an affordable alternative if you are not looking for something exactly the same as diamonds.


Natural diamond vs lab-grown diamond vs Moissanite: a summary

To summarize the debate of natural diamond vs lab-grown diamond vs Moissanite, here are some pros and cons of the three:

Designs for lab-grown and Moissanite rings by Hanno Stockholm AB

We at Hanno Stockholm AB are all about bringing uniqueness and tradition to the designs we create. Sako Hanno is the mind behind our designs. He has travelled around the world to learn about different cultures to bring that exquisite flavour to his craft. 

He has created beautiful jewellery for everyone from celebrities to the royal family. And you shall expect nothing but the artistry of the highest order when you take a look at our stunning collection. Though we work with natural diamonds, we are happy to use lab-grown ones on your demand.

We also make jewellery for moissanite. All you have to do is approach us at our Stockholm atelier, or simply contact us online to let us know what kind of designs you would like. All our materials are sustainably sourced, and the jewellery is completely hand-made and conflict-free.


Buying a lab-grown diamond or Moissanite ring

If you are looking to buy rings and jewellery made of lab-grown diamonds, Hanno Stockholm AB is your best bet. The precious stones are a preferred choice for engagement rings. However, they are just as great alternatives for rings and other jewellery in general.

You are sure to find your match in our beautiful collection of hand-made jewellery. If you don't, we will be more than happy to make the ring of your dreams a reality for you. All you have to do is approach us with the design you have in your mind.


Ordering & Delivery

The process begins when you walk into our Stockholm atelier or choose the perfect ring from our collection online. If you don’t find the one, we are here to make it for you. Simply contact us and we shall get started. 

Once you place the order, expect delivery within four weeks. All our deliveries are insured with FedEx. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your order getting in the slightest. The only thing we ask of you is to ensure to fill in the correct details so that it ensures convenience for everyone involved.


Get your Lab-grown diamond and Moissanite rings today

The lab-grown diamond vs Moissanite debate will always be there, but at the end of the day, it’s about what you are looking for. Both precious stones make for stunning engagement rings that will look beautiful on the hands of your special someone.

Make your pick from our stunning collection and mark your special day. Contact us today to find the ring of your dreams.

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