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A relationship can often be marked by rings. There are bands that can be attributed to every stage of a relationship, not just engagement and wedding. One such concept that has been embraced by couples is the pre-engagement ring. It has been around for ages and can be presented by either partner to the other.

It is not a necessity, simply a choice by a person to show their love and commitment to their partner. And it makes for a beautiful gesture that strengthens a relationship. At Hanno Stockholm AB, we have the most exquisite collection of pre-engagement rings for you, hand-crafted and unique in every way.

Put simply, a pre-engagement ring is a band one presents to their partner as a promise of marriage down the line and not now or in the near future. It's a great way to address a pressing concern in a relationship with the best intentions.

Many couples worry about the state of their relationship and where it is headed when they don't see marriage in the future or worry about their partner's commitment. By presenting a pre-engagement band, one can assure their partner how much they value the relationship and simply want to take it slow.

A person could be too young to marry, or not in the frame of mind to do so, or simply want to focus on their studies and career. They also value and love their partner, just marry later rather than sooner. Thus, they go for bands that help them convey the message in a beautiful way.



Such rings are not a new concept. They have been around as long as the 16th century ago in the UK. Posy bands and acrostic bands have long been in tradition. They would carry little messages and be gifted by people to their partners as a token of love but not necessarily a proposal. They were what we today call pre-engagement bands.


Pre-engagement vs Promise

Both bands are very similar to one another and may be used interchangeably. The actual point of difference lies in the usage of such a band. Pre-engagement bands are usually given when you know when you want to get married, however far away that may be. But a promise band is simply a promise to marry with no time period set for it.


Pre-Engagement ring for couples

This is another of the ways a pre-engagement band differs from an engagement one. Engagement bands are mostly presented by a man to a woman. But pre-engagement bands may be given by one partner to the other, or by both of them to one another.

This also paves way for opportunities to celebrate the relationship a little more. Eastern cultures like India are popular for their pre-engagement festivities. Singer Nick Jonas, who married Indian actress Priyanka Chopra famously indulged in pre-engagement celebrations according to her customs. 

You also get a ton of choices with the design of the bands, as you don’t have to adhere to the traditional designs of the engagement bands. Pre-engagement ring price is also significantly lower than an engagement band.


Pre-Engagement ring for him

If you are choosing a band for your male partner, you may go for one of the classic bands with perhaps little inscriptions on the inside or outside of the band. You may experiment around with different shapes to make it stand apart from a wedding band. Many men may also like ones with precious stones in them.


Pre-Engagement ring for her

When picking a ring for your female partner, your first instinct might be to pick one that is distinctly different from an engagement band. You may go for jewels that are different looking than a typical diamond in terms of shape and colour. Bands with no jewels also make for a great option for a pre-engagement surprise.


Pre-Engagement ring designs by Sako Hanno

Exquisite culture meets cutting-edge technology at Hanno Stockholm AB. Sako Hanno, the master behind our breathtaking collections, has travelled around the world to bring the flair of every vivid culture in the pieces he creates. His clientele includes everyone from celebrities to the royal family.

All our jewellery is hand-made and sourced from the best, most trustworthy sources. We only use 18k gold and platinum, be it rose, white, or the traditional yellow. While we work with natural diamonds, we are happy to use lab-grown ones as per your request.

Take a look at our unique collection of wedding bands, (pre-) engagement rings, and jewelry that will blow you away. 


Customized pre-engagement rings

If you want to gift a ring to your loved one but can’t find a suitable one in our collection, we’d be happy to make it for you. Simply bring us a design of the ring you have in your mind, and we shall do our best to make it a reality.

If you don’t have a design in your mind either, we will help you get started with some starting designs and take it from there. We will also help you choose a ring size. Though you may also carry an old ring with you to help us size the ring better for you.

Our experts will assist you at every stage of the ring-making process. Please visit our Stockholm atelier or consult us online to get the process started. 


How to buy one?

If you are looking to buy a pre-engagement ring for your partner, Hanno Stockholm AB would be the perfect choice for you. We have a stellar collection of jewellery waiting for you. If you don’t find the ring of your dreams there, we would be more than happy to make it for you.


Ordering and Delivery

If you have found the one of your choice, simply place the order on our website. We will start making it as soon as we receive your order and dispatch it to your address within two to four weeks. 

All our orders are shipped via FedEx, meaning complete insurance coverage. The only thing we request from you is to enter the correct details to ensure convenience for everyone.

A pre-engagement ring is an excellent way to demonstrate your love and dedication for your special someone. Find the perfect ring for the occasion at Hanno Stockholm AB. Contact us today.

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