What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?-Hanno Stockholm

Did you know Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 on record with a solitaire engagement ring? And that’s where it all began.

All over the world, whether it is a cushion cut stone or a classic round solitaire, this shape has been a popular choice for engagement or wedding rings.

Are you looking for a cushion-cut diamond but don’t know what to look for when making a purchase? Leave it to the experts!

Really, what is a cushion-cut diamond? 

How is it different from a princess cut? 

Will it be too expensive compared to the others?

Too many questions in mind? We will answer them in this article.  


Modern interpretation of an antique look

The cushion-cut gems that we see today are a modern form of the old mine cut ones that were famous in the Victorian era. With their softened cuts, no matter if square or rectangular, cushion-cut solitaires symbolize an antique vintage look.

Many confuse these gems with asscher cut, princess cut, or emerald cuts. Since all of them are roughly based on square shapes, it is quite hard to distinguish them.

Cushion cut jewels are a perfect blend of sleek square ones with classic rounded edges, giving them a more feminine look. No wonder it ruled the 1900s, and this style was used for gemstones too.


What shape is a cushion-cut diamond? 

Much like its name, cushion-cut diamonds resemble the shape of cushions (pillows). All diamonds shine when light reflects on them, known as scintillation. The whiter part of this scintillation is known as brilliance, and the rainbow counterpart is known as fire.

These cuts easily hide inclusions and often have a better fire, which adds to its appeal. There are three types of cushion-cut diamonds.


Old mine cushion cuts 

Previously known as miner cut, they were a more crude form of modern-day diamonds. They were cut into step facets and looked more like a mirrored staircase. Originally, they had 58 facets.


Modified cushion cuts 

With an additional row of facets, these mimic the look of a crushed glass. They now have 64 facets, adding another element of fire to their look.


Brilliant cushion cuts 

With larger, fewer facets, these sparkle more like a round brilliant cut diamond. 


Is a cushion-cut a good cut? 

Though brilliant round cut stones are widely preferred and sold all over the world, some refrain from buying them because of their high price. Round pieces produce a lot of raw diamond waste, that’s why manufacturers charge more for shaping them. Not to mention, their extreme popularity also contributes to their higher prices.

Owing to its vintage appeal, more and more people are now opting for cushion cuts. They are less expensive than their brilliant round-cut counterparts. If you compare the two, this diamond of the same carat weight and qualities will cost around 25 to 50% less! 


How to choose a cushion-cut diamond? 

To understand what is a cushion cut and how to pick the best one, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

Apart from the 4Cs (cut, colour, carat, and clarity) that you need to remember, there are four more things you need to consider - faceting, percentage, ratio, and depth.

If you want that perfect square-shaped cushion cut, the length to width ratio should be between 1.00 to 1.05. Anything larger will end up looking like a rectangle.

Cushion cuts should have a depth percentage and table percentage under 70% for them to sparkle brilliantly. Also, to avoid the traditional bulky cushion cut look, your diamond must have more than the standard 58 facets.

Cushion-cut gems easily retain their original colour. For that perfect, white brilliance, choose one with a colour grade H or higher.

 For settings in platinum or white gold, we recommend diamonds with grade G or higher for that perfect, flawless finish. 


What is the difference between cushion cut and princess cut diamonds?  

The only similarity between them is their square shape. Cushion cuts are more rounded in the corners, giving it a soft, elegant look. Princess cuts flaunt straight edges with a more convex, geometric appearance.

Contrary to cushion-cuts, princess-cut diamonds are relatively new to the realm of diamonds. They first appeared in the 1960s and were formerly known as profile cuts. Princess cut diamonds are chosen for their modern look and royal charm.


What does a cushion cut gemstone mean? 

If you love cushion cuts, you’re someone who assumes elegance as an important aspect of their personality. This cut is known to be feminine and royal and is an ideal choice for someone who wants to flaunt a soft look with sparkle.

Cushion-cut diamonds are famous for their vintage style and old-world charm. Many women choose these cuts, even for gemstones. These cuts with a large table percentage create an illusion of a bigger centre stone and make it stand out.


How is a cushion-cut solitaire set in a ring? 

To securely place a gem, a 4 prong setting is highly recommended. This setting securely holds the stone without obstructing any light. It ensures maximum fire and brilliance of the cut.

The cushion cut along with a four prong setting guarantees more durability and protects it from daily wear and tear. 


Things to remember while making a purchase 

Here are a quick few points that you need to consider when purchasing a cushion-cut diamond.

- If you’re still wondering, what is a cushion-cut diamond, it is a square-cut version with rounded edges giving it a cushion-like look.

- Do not choose gems with a depth percentage less than 70% since it will affect their fire and sparkle.

- They make a great option for a unique engagement ring if you love both high brilliance and fire in your rock.

- These gems in a halo setting imitate the look of a classic round cut diamond. So, if you’re low on budget, they will be a great choice for you. 


We can help you decide! 

We are familiar with the dilemma you may face when picking an engagement ring. With so many options flooding your screen, it is only natural to feel confused. However, we would love to be a part of your journey.

Whether you pick coloured gemstones or a modified cushion cut diamond, Hanno Stockholm can be your ultimate guide.  

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