Getting Married In Sweden

Getting Married In Sweden-Hanno Stockholm

How do you legally get married in Sweden?

How can you elope in Sweden?

Is proxy marriage legal in Sweden?

How do I register my relationship in Sweden?

Those are the most common questions the article should answer. 

Sweden is one of the easiest countries in Europe to be wedded in. There are a few legalities to be fulfilled, but the process is not necessarily cumbersome. You can easily get hitched in Sweden even if you do not reside there.


Getting Married In Sweden

If you are planning to take your relationship to the next level and get married in Sweden, you may want to get married in a church or in front of a civil body. In case you are already a Swedish citizen, you will have to apply for a legal permit to get married.

If you are a Swede living outside your country but want to get married in Sweden, the rules remain the same. If you are not a Swede but getting married there, the process is a bit different.


Getting Married In Sweden Skatteverket

To legally wed in Sweden, you need to apply for a wedding permit at their local Swedish Tax Agency. You may obtain the permit by filling the form SKV 7881. This procedure needs to be done in person. Make sure that you’re carrying the correct documentation, so the process goes smoothly.

The procedure may be time-consuming. Make preparations accordingly. Once you obtain the permit, it will be valid for four months. That will give you plenty of time to prepare and have a great wedding with all your loved ones in attendance.

You may hold the wedding ceremony in a church or before a civil authority. In either case, inform the respective administrators beforehand to make prior arrangements. A rector will officiate the wedding in a church. The administrative board of the local county will appoint an officiant if you wish to wed in front of civil authority.


Getting Married In Stockholm

Couples wishing to get married in Stockholm are allowed to do so in the Stockholm City Hall. The same rules and regulations apply. Stockholm has emerged as a popular choice for couples to get married in Sweden recently.


Proxy Marriages

If you want to get hitched in Sweden by proxy, you may be in for a disappointment. Proxy marriages are not allowed in Sweden. The couple needs to be present in person in front of the authorities to get married.

They even need to be physically present at the establishment to apply for the permit of marriage. Even that will not be allowed by proxy. If you are planning to get married by Swedish laws, we recommend being present there in person to do so and make your day special.



If you are planning on eloping and getting married in Sweden, you’re in for luck.

You will only need the certificate depicting no impediment. It should state that neither of you has been married before. The rest of the proceedings remain the same. That will include obtaining the permit for marriage and officiating the ceremony in front of an official.

The definition of eloping has changed over the years. Today, eloping is not a quick decision to marry without giving thought to consequences.

It is more about people getting a say in what their wedding will look like and letting go of the traditions and customs that come with a wedding. It’s about marrying your loved one your way. Your marriage should not be dictated by society. 


Can Foreigners Get Married In Sweden?

People who do not live in Sweden may easily get married there. All they have to do is complete a bit of paperwork, comply with the rules set by the authorities and officiate their wedding. If one of you is Swedish, the rules do not change. However, if both of you are foreigners, you will need to get a particular document to be able to get married in Sweden.

Assuming you both are not residents of Sweden, you will need to obtain a certificate of no impediment from the local Tax Agency. It simply states that neither of you has been married before.

Next, apply for a wedding certificate from the Tax Agency of the local county. You will need to provide these two documents along with other needed documents to the officiants.


Getting Married in Sweden — UK Citizens

British people getting hitched in Sweden need to follow the same rules as any other foreigners would. You will not need to register your marriage in the UK as well. You will only need to register it in Sweden, as that is the place you are marrying at.


Getting Married in Sweden — US Citizens

Citizens of the USA may get married in Sweden upon stating their marital status. However, as there is nothing like a national marriage registry in the USA or anything equivalent, you cannot obtain an equivalent national record from the USA that defines your marital status.

The Swedish Tax Agency is aware of this issue and in a case where any written statement regarding a person's marital status cannot be obtained from the USA in any form, the agency may be willing to waive this particular requirement.


Make It Happen

Now that you are aware of the dos and don'ts of getting married in Sweden, you should get on making arrangements for the special day. Make sure both of you are present in person for the ceremony, invite your loved ones to the wedding as well. However, we recommend that you follow the protocols of the pandemic.

Choose a location in the gorgeous landscapes of Sweden, be it a church or civil authority, as the venue of the wedding. Pick out delicious Swedish cuisines to give your guests a flavour of Sweden. Finally, select two beautiful wedding bands for you and your partner from our stunning collection of wedding bands to say 'I do'.

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