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How To Wear Multiple Rings - A Styling Guide

How To Wear Multiple Rings - A Styling Guide-Hanno Stockholm

“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” - Elizabeth Taylor.

Every piece of jewellery that you wear makes a statement about you. Whether you’re someone who loves dainty bracelets or delicate rings stacked on one another, your style is your own. 

Layering jewellery is an old trend that keeps peeking into the fashion world from time to time again. From layering necklaces to layering rings, the trends keep changing. 

For those who love to wear multiple pieces, the biggest dilemma they face is — ‘how to wear multiple rings’? If this question resonates with you, have a look at this life-saving guide about how to wear multiple of them on both hands! 


How to wear multiple rings? 

Do you own a remarkable collection of rings that you absolutely love but cannot make the most of them? Or come up with enough styling options on how to pair them to create a perfect look for the occasion?

Don’t worry! We’ve been there!

Not everyone feels confident about wearing multiple pieces of jewellery on their fingers. You always have the risk of going overboard in your mind, or maybe you’re too scared to experiment. When it comes to jewellery, we endorse the philosophy  — more is even better. 

Choosing a piece of jewellery is something very personal to many people. What and how much you choose to wear is totally up to you.

Before you blame yourself and regret your decision of giving in for the love of collecting beautiful rings, we’re here to save you the trouble. The good news is we have curated six useful styling tips on how to wear multiple rings on your hand. Let’s dive right in… 


1. Choose a focal point 

On the subject of layering rings, we advise you to pick a finger and then start stacking the rings on it. While there’s no rule that says you have to stick to one finger, doing so will create a focal point for your pieces and create a polished look. Instead of just spreading them across all your

fingers evenly, stack the rings on the middle finger or your index finger. Check out this textured rose gold band that is versatile enough to suit almost all your stacks.


2. Maintain continuity with one colour 

While we love to mix and match, the key to creating a coordinated look is wearing jewellery pieces with the same metallic finish. 

If you’re in doubt about how to wear rings on multiple fingers if they’re the same shade, then trust us, you’re making the right choice. 

If you’re wearing a platinum solitaire ring, you can accentuate it by pairing it with a white gold one, since they’re the same shade. You can also add a bracelet of the same shade or maybe a delicate chain to complete the look. Not only will you look elegant and chic, but you can even rock this look at work.


3.  Invest in a rich gemstone 

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but a ravishing piece of the gemstone can be much more! 

While we all swear by the glamour of diamonds, gemstones like rubies and emeralds have a different charm! If you own a ruby in an oval bezel setting, pairing it with exquisite rose gold bands can highlight the ruby and make it stand out. You can even use the above tips to stack it all on the same finger, making the gemstone the centre of it all. Likewise, you can customize your daily setup of rings keeping the gemstone in mind. 


4. Highlight your skin tone 

You may have heard that shades of gold suit warmer skin tones, and silver jewellery or white coloured jewel pieces look particularly ravishing on cool undertones.

How to wear multiple rings and make them stand out is another factor that is absolutely necessary to consider when investing in jewellery. 

For instance, people with olive skin or lightly tanned skin tone can almost pull off any metal tone, while the ones with a pale skin tone should preferably stick to silver and white gold to avoid looking pasty. Check this guide to find out what colour will look most flattering on you. 


5. Layer from thick to thin 

If you know even a bit about how to wear multiple rings and carry them well, you must have definitely heard this before. When layering with multiple bands or delicate rings, you should follow the rule - from thick to thin. Wear your thickest band in the pinkie finger and gradually move inward. Your index finger and ring finger should have thinner bands and the rings on the middle finger and pinkie will have the thicker ones, so it will create a metallic ombre effect.


6. Keep everything else simple 

When choosing a statement piece to add an oomph factor to your look, make sure you don’t overdo it. A little black dress is a great choice if you’re opting for bold necklaces and statement rings instead of a sequinned one. 

The key is to stick to monochromes or neutral and pastel tones to accentuate your jewellery. Also, if you decide to wear a gemstone on your ring finger, then the ring on the middle finger should be an understated and elegant piece.

We are certain these tips will help you turn around your styling game when you question yourself how to wear multiple rings! However, we don’t want men to feel excluded, so here’s a bonus tip - 


How to wear multiple rings as a man?  

Most men generally stick to wearing their wedding rings only. 

If you want to venture into the world of wearing multiple finger rings, or you’re thinking about how to wear multiple rings, your pinkie finger is a safe start. The pinkie finger is essentially decorative and won’t interrupt in doing the hard work. 

If you need to wear a ring that is bold in design, we suggest you wear it on the index finger.


Final thoughts 

Wearing jewellery is all about bringing out your individual style and personality, you should definitely wear what you love. Whether you like to wear a ring on the middle finger or simply spread a collection of intricately designed rings all over your fingers, we bet you know how to wear multiple ones and pull it off with confidence. 

If you’re looking for some wonderful choices to start with or want to add more to your beautiful collection, we recommend checking out the premium ring collection at Hanno Stockholm today.

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