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Explore elegance with low profile engagement rings

Explore elegance with low profile engagement rings-Hanno Stockholm

In today's world, there is a myriad of designs and styles for engagement rings, ensuring you can find the perfect piece to sweep your partner off their feet. One style that has recently gained popularity is the low profile engagement ring, offering both beauty and practicality for those with active lifestyles.

Understanding Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low profile engagement rings are characterised by their gemstones being set lower in height compared to traditional engagement rings. This design choice not only makes the ring easier to wear but also reduces the likelihood of damage during daily activities.

It is important not to confuse low profile rings with dainty bands. While dainty bands are delicate and prone to damage, low setting bands are designed to withstand potential damage, making them the ideal choice for those with busy, active lifestyles.

Low Profile vs. Traditional High Profile Engagement Rings

At first glance, low profile rings may appear similar to high profile ones. However, the key difference lies in the height of the gemstone setting. In low profile rings, the gemstone sits closer to the band with minimal space between them, while in high profile rings, the stone sits higher up, leaving it more exposed and vulnerable to damage.

Why Choose a Low Profile Engagement Ring?

Low profile rings offer several advantages over their high profile counterparts. The gemstones used in low profile engagement rings are often lower in carat weight, resulting in a more affordable price. Additionally, low profile rings provide excellent utility, balancing elegance with practicality.

Though low profile rings may not shine as brightly as high profile ones due to receiving less light, they remain a stylish and classy choice that doesn't require constant removal during daily activities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Low Profile Ring

Before purchasing a low profile engagement ring, consider the potential downsides. As mentioned earlier, low profile rings may not shine as brightly as high profile ones. Also, low profile rings may not offer as many matching jewellery options, although this is gradually changing as jewellers introduce more unique designs for low set bands.

High Profile vs. Low Profile: Which One is Right for You?

Deciding between a high profile and low profile ring depends on several factors, such as budget and lifestyle. If you prefer a more extravagant ring and can afford it, a high profile setting may be the right choice. However, low profile rings provide a practical and affordable alternative, offering elegance and ease of management.

Explore Low Profile Engagement Ring Styles at Hanno Stockholm

While there may be fewer varieties of low profile rings, the selection is steadily increasing, with jewellers creating beautiful, unique designs. Discover low profile engagement rings in various metals, such as yellow gold, silver, and rose gold, as well as both classic and modern designs that provide a distinctive look without compromising on practicality.

Find the Perfect Low Profile Engagement Ring with Hanno Stockholm

When searching for a low profile engagement ring for your special someone, look no further than Hanno Stockholm. Our exquisite collection of stunning rings is sure to have the perfect piece, and if you don't find the ideal ring, we're more than happy to create a custom design for you.

Make Your Dreams a Reality with a Low Profile Engagement Ring

Low profile engagement rings are an ideal choice for those who value elegance, beauty, and practicality. With numerous stunning options on the market, all that's left is to choose the perfect ring for your beloved. Browse our incredible collection or get in touch with us to create a gorgeous low set ring today.

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