Design Your Own Engagement Ring for a Special Marriage Proposal

Design Your Own Engagement Ring for a Special Marriage Proposal-Hanno Stockholm

Would you like to surprise your beloved with a very special marriage proposal? Then a unique engagement ring is a must! But what is still unique these days? Delight your partner with an own designed engagement ring that you have created yourself. We are happy to help you with this, from the first design to the finished ring.


An Individual Ring As a Symbol of a Special Love

The range of rings is almost immeasurable. From filigree, refined models to the expressive specimen with an extraordinary solitaire: the offer is fulminant and multifaceted. 

Those who don't want to search any further - or who want a very special piece of jewelry anyway - can take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to design their own engagement ring. 

With a ring that you have designed yourself, you give yourself a special treat as a couple. On the one hand, you are guaranteed to meet your personal taste exactly. On the other hand, you know that you are holding a truly unique piece in your hands. In this way, you also give your marriage a special expression. 

A unique design can be complex and take some time to complete. So seek out an expert like us as early as possible so that the ring is ready in time for the big day. After all, the design still needs to be perfected!


How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Have you always wanted to design your own engagement ring online? It's a fabulous idea, but there are a few things you need to prepare before contacting our experts for a quote.

- Photo or sketch of the design

- Decide which metal and diamond you would like to use

- Determine your budget and ring size


Photo or sketch of the design

It is important that you think about the styles or designs that you like so that you don't arrive empty-handed. You should have a ring design in mind that you would like to either personalize or use as the basis for your own design. When you contact our experts, you can send photos or sketches of the design, depending on what you prefer, and these will serve as the basis to design your unique ring.


Decide which metal and diamond you would like to use

You may not know exactly which metal you would prefer and the number and quality of diamonds you would like to set the ring with. Browse online to get an idea of this and send this to our experts too. We will need this information to give you a personalized quote.

The metals you can choose from are usually: 18 carat white gold, 18 carat yellow gold, 18 carat rose gold and 950 platinum. It's basically a matter of taste and in terms of platinum, a matter of budget as it's a little more expensive than gold.

As for diamonds, this also depends on your budget, but we would always recommend colour H or higher and a clarity of SI1 or higher for the central stone. With a very good cut to ensure that whatever the size of the diamond, it will be able to display its maximum sparkle and brilliance.


Determining Your Budget and Ring Size

It is very important that you know what your maximum budget is. When having a ring custom-made, it is easy to go beyond this because of the many options available. To avoid surprises, it is highly recommended that you set and communicate a maximum amount upfront, so it is clear what you want to spend. Our experts can take this budget into account to quote for the custom-made ring according to your wishes.

Last but not least, the ring size! It is important that this, although it can sometimes be changed afterwards, must be correct to ensure that the marriage proposal is as perfect as you want it to be.


Where to Design Your Own Engagement Ring?

Hanno Stockholm has a great team of experts who will guide you from design to choosing the right diamond to the finished product. Simply make an appointment and Hanno Stockholm will be glad to help you.

To make the process easier for us, as well as to speed it up as much as possible for you, we would like you to give us as many details about your dream jewellery as possible. Please avoid vague descriptions such as "good width", "just right height" or similar descriptions.


Free Professional Consultation

Let our experienced team advise you free of charge and without obligation. Take advantage of our many years of experience regarding engagement rings.

As soon as an engagement ring design is ready, we can immediately calculate the price for this model. We will also be happy to provide you with a quote.


What About the Production Proceeding, and When Will I Receive My Own Designed Engagement Ring?

If you opt for a custom-made design, you will be informed about the ongoing production process. You follow the process step by step. After about a few weeks, the ring that you have designed your own and created with us, is done and ready for shipping. 


Which Ring Suits Her?

Unlike wedding rings, you don't usually choose engagement rings together because you want to surprise your partner with them. We will help you find a suitable model. It is important that the ring matches the style and the rest of the jewelry of your partner. Find out in advance which materials she prefers for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Another important point is the stone: should it be a diamond or a colored stone? Do you want to give something special and choose a colored stone like a blue sapphire? The setting is also crucial and varies from filigree to massive. In flat rings, several stones can be set directly into the surface without any problems. 

Creativity is also required for the inner surface of the engagement rings: words such as both your names, numbers such as your anniversary or symbols such as the infinity sign are possible for individual engraving. 

There are no limits to your imagination, and we will be glad to help you design your own engagement ring!

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