What your engagement ring reveals about you

What your engagement ring reveals about you-Hanno Stockholm

Each one of us has a vision for the perfect engagement ring in mind. The style, cut, and choice of stone of the ring in your dreams can reveal so much about your personality. In fact, understanding what your engagement ring says about you can guide you towards finding the ideal sparkler that matches all your expectations.

Making a list of your preferences for your engagement ring is like laying the groundwork from which you will continue to build up to the perfect design. The sheer quantity of choices you will face in your quest to find the right ring can be overwhelming. Remember, the perfect engagement ring will hold more meaning to you than what appears to other people's eyes.

Let us explore the different meanings that lie behind the most popular styles.

Discover Your Ideal Engagement Ring Style

Finding the perfect engagement ring depends on how well you know yourself. Are you the type to change your preferences on a whim? Are you someone who sticks with a single vision due to sentimental attachment? Are you a traditionalist, or do you prefer a modern wedding?

Believe it when we say, simply taking a deeper look into your thoughts can get you much closer to finding your ideal style. However, if you have never given the subject much thought, this post is made to give you a head start in the right direction. 

Different Ring Shapes and What They Reveal About You

In this context, the ring shape refers to the shape of the head of your ring. Just the shape of your engagement ring can give a glimpse into the type of bride you are meant to be, and even the type of wedding you might prefer.

The classic round shape symbolises timeless simplicity. The round-cut centre stone in your engagement ring is faceted to catch the light at every angle for a consistent dazzle. If you prefer this shape, it shows that you are a classic bride. Every element in your wedding, from the A-line wedding dress to the traditional ceremony, will be elegant and stand the test of time.

The princess-cut centre stone has clean, contemporary lines that mostly appeal to modern brides. The shape radiates energy and style. If your choice is something like the exquisite Maria, it reveals that you have a minimalist and modern taste. You might prefer a small soirée at an art gallery where you swear your vows in front of vintage paintings.

The emerald-cut stones have slighter faceting and long lines to give a smooth and understated sparkle to the engagement ring. If you prefer this shape, it shows that you are a sophisticated bride. You might prefer an elegant evening wedding ceremony arranged in a tasteful rose garden or an arbour.

    The heart-cut stone is an open declaration of romance. It shows that you love the attention, and your wedding will be a celebration of this nature. You prefer public shows of affection and enjoy making your partner feel they are the most special in the world.

    What the Stone and Colour of Your Engagement Ring Say About You

    The centre stone you choose will pull the entire look of the engagement ring together. However, there is a much deeper symbolism attached to this choice. Diamonds signify timelessness, blue sapphires represent regality, emeralds symbolise a happy and prosperous marriage, and rubies embody the passion for love.

    The colour of your engagement ring is as much dependent on the stone as it is on the material of the band you choose. Depending on your preference here, what your engagement ring says about you can be categorised as follows:

    Yellow gold is the purest form of gold, and yellow stones further symbolise that you prefer everlasting friendship as the foundation of your loving bond.

    Green stones such as emerald, tsavorite, green amethysts or peridot all symbolise happiness, prosperity, and joy. You are a fun-loving bride-to-be.

      Pink is the perfect colour for the feminine and dreamy bride. Whether you choose a rose gold setting or pink sapphires, pink tourmalines, or rose quartz as your centre stones, all symbolise loving and romantic energies.

        Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring Match with Hanno Stockholm
        Ultimately, your engagement ring is the symbol of your undying commitment to your significant other. For the bride and groom, it stands as testimony to the love and bond that is unique to the pair. However, when you are at the selection stage, all the other details mentioned make up the whole. Understanding what your engagement ring says about you will help you comprehend yourself as a bride and retrace your steps to the perfect cut, colour, and shape for your engagement ring. If you are shopping for your perfect engagement ring, browse through our stunning collection of wedding and engagement rings at Hanno Stockholm. Our exquisite selection can inspire you and connect you to the perfect ring choice hiding right here in our collection.

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