What Diamond Shape Looks the Biggest?

What Diamond Shape Looks the Biggest?-Hanno Stockholm

Have you set your mind to buy a stunning ring on a limited budget? We will reveal to you what shape looks the biggest and have some tips and tricks for you to make it look bigger.

The price of a large diamond is determined by various factors. The 4 main factors are the carat, color, clarity and cut, with the carat weight having the greatest influence on the price. 

However, you may have to make a compromise in order to stay within your budget. After all, a big diamond is a big investment. But why is that? Quite simply, the larger, the rarer it is and the higher its value. 


What Diamond Shapes Exist?

They come in a wide variety of geometric shapes, and each shape has its own meaning and special charm. The shapes can be divided into two groups: There are round diamonds and diamonds in "fancy" shapes such as rectangle, square or oval. 


What Looks Bigger, Oval or Round Diamond?

Round cuts are the most popular and sought-after shape. However, this does not mean that they also look the biggest!


Elongated Shapes Look Bigger

When we look at a diamond, the eye tends to measure it from top to bottom, which means that elongated shapes always appear much larger than they are! Elongated shapes are:

- Oval cuts

- Emerald cut

- Radiant cut in a rectangular shape (i.e. with a ratio between 1.30 and 1.50)


What Diamond Shape Makes a Diamond Look Larger on Hands?

The size of the hand plays an important role because every woman has a different hand size and each ring shape can therefore appear differently large or small. We invite you to have a look at our Size Guide. Here we explain which shape form is suitable for every single hand type, to find out what diamond shape looks the biggest:


Oval Shapes for Small Hands

The oval shape is an improved form of the round brilliant cut, consisting of an evenly cut, symmetrical stone. They make especially small hands or short fingers appear longer.

The light reflection in the oval cut is usually excellent and best even when the stone is of a higher quality color.


For Small to Medium-Sized Hands

A ring with a drop-shaped diamond is recommended here. Well-cut diamonds in an elongated teardrop shape make fingers look longer and slimmer. This makes not only the ring, but also the hand itself beautiful to look at. The drop cut is a mixture of oval and marquise cut.


For Dainty Long Hands

For women with slender hands, an Asscher shape is ideal. The cut makes the stone seem quite massive and perhaps chunky, but it suits women with long, slender hands and fingers.

 It gives them a little more fullness. The Asscher cut is a staircase-shaped, square cut, and is sometimes confused with the rectangular emerald cut. Both stones have sharpened corners.

 The emerald cut is also a popular type of diamond worn by female celebrities. It appears just as solid, but slightly more elongated than the Asscher cut.


Which Diamond Shape Faces up Largest on Large and Wide Hands?

Rings that cover as much of the finger as possible or make the finger slimmer are recommended. In this case, a wide ring or several rings next to each other are suitable. In terms of stones, we recommend elongated, thin stones in an oval, marquise or emerald cut.

Round stones surrounded by small halo diamonds in a wide setting can also look good, as a lot of skin is covered and the ring looks very lush. Unfortunately, a filigree ring setting often looks narrow and not very elegant on large, wide hands.

However, it does not suit every type of woman or is often preferred by middle-aged and older women. Specifically younger women, up to the early/mid-30s, ask for colored rings in mild tones such as aquamarine, rose or pale yellow.


Tips and Tricks for You To Make It Look Bigger

There are many ways to make your diamond look bigger than it actually is. We hope these simple tips can help you:


The Optical Illusion

Such an optical illusion can be achieved by choosing the right setting. A reflective surface next to the diamond or a reflective border, around the entire stone, will make it look visually larger and enhance the brilliance, but not the cost. This is by far the cheapest option, but requires constant care of the jewelry, as the slightest blemish will make your ring look dull. 


Flanked by Smaller Diamonds

By flanking the central diamond with 2 or more smaller ones, you can noticeably increase the light reflection. For example, think of the Trilogy engagement ring, 3 diamonds in a row, with the centre stone being the largest. Timeless elegance and class. This option is very effective in adding extra sparkle to your ring, and it will look like the ring is way over their budget. 


Look for a Bezel Setting

With a bezel setting, the diamond is encircled by a band of precious metal. This style is the perfect alternative for traditional pre-engagement rings. This setting makes it look larger and offers extra protection - after all, this is never wrong.


The Metal Band

The right metal makes a difference. Platinum or white gold will blend with a white diamond and enhance it, making it appear larger. A yellow gold setting can reflect a yellowish hue on the diamond. 

The thinner and more delicate the band, the more your centre one will look larger. Keep your setting proportional to the size of your diamond.


Side Stone Rings

This sparkling ring design has diamonds also on the rail, which creates the impression of a larger number of diamonds. This automatically makes the centre one look larger and gives him an even greater radiance.


At Your Service

We hope this article has helped you find out which diamond shape looks the biggest. Do you have any further questions about it? Find out more during a free, personal consultation with our experts at Hanno Stockholm.

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