How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?

How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?-Hanno Stockholm

Finding a perfectly fitting ring is a challenging task. The hunt for the perfect engagement ring goes on for days and sometimes months, but if the piece you love doesn’t fit you well, it is an absolute disappointment.

We are familiar with the struggle women face due to ill-fitting rings. Since your engagement ring is going to accompany you for a lifetime, it is necessary that you have it sitting on your finger comfortably.


So, how should an engagement ring fit?  

The ring should ideally slide off your knuckles easily yet should be snug enough to avoid it coming off from your finger. But sizes can change due to numerous reasons, right from changing weather conditions (fingers shrink in colder weather and expand slightly in warmer weather) to fluctuating hormone levels. Diets and salt intake can affect your finger size too.

If you’re a woman hopelessly wondering - how tight should an engagement ring fit? Or if you are a man planning to pop a question, continue reading...

How should an engagement ring fit? We understand first-hand how uncomfortable it is to have an ill-fitting ring bothering you. This is why we have created this user-friendly guide to help you understand changing ring sizes and what you can do to fix it!


How to measure the right size?

How do you know if an engagement ring fits perfectly? For this, you need to know the right size. Finding the right size is important, especially when it is a part of a surprise proposal. You want to avoid spending a fortune on your fiancé’s ring only to find she isn’t happy with it.


Then, how do you find the perfect size?

Use one of these two methods.

a) Mandrel method

A mandrel is a cone-shaped tool generally made of metal that has various ring sizes demarcated on it. If your fiancé has a perfectly fitting ring, you can simply have it measured at a jewellers shop. If she tags along with you, you can make her try a couple of pieces and figure out her size.

b) Ribbon method

You can measure the circumference of a perfectly fitting ring using a ribbon. Mark the start and endpoint and measure it against a ruler. This method is useful when planning a surprise proposal. To make your job easier, we have linked an online ring sizing guide here.  


How tight should an engagement ring fit?

People have difficulty understanding whether the ring needs to be slightly loose or a bit snug fitting your finger perfectly. If you have difficulty figuring it out, consider asking yourself these questions -

a) Does my ring finger hurt in the morning?

How should an engagement ring fit you without hurting or suffocating your finger Water retention due to salt intake can make fingers swollen, especially in the morning. If your ring is even slightly tighter than it should be, your finger will hurt due to built-up pressure.

b) Does it leave marks on the finger?

How tight should an engagement ring fit without leaving impressions on your finger?

A perfectly fitting ring should smoothly slide over the knuckles. Fingers with larger knuckles have the rings spinning around all the time, whilst the ones with smaller knuckles have the them easily slid on but leave indents. If you relate to either of them, then you are in-between sizes.

c) Does it spin too much? 

This happens if the ring is too big for you or there is an imbalance between the centre stone and the band, improperly distributing the weight.


Should your ring be tight or loose?

Neither! A ring should perfectly fit your finger without causing any discomfort while wearing it.

If you feel the ring is tighter or looser than you want it to be, then resizing is the right option. However, it is important to note that sizing up is more difficult than sizing down. Before you decide to visit your jeweller and get it resized, we suggest you wear it for some time to understand how it feels on your finger. Sometimes, it takes a few days to adjust to your finger.

To alter the size of your ring, the jeweller will either add more metal or remove some of it. While it is easy to alter the ring size, wedding bands cannot be resized with ease. It is important to check with your jeweller about their sizing policy before making a choice.


Does the shape of a finger affect ring size?

If you’re confused deciding, how should an engagement ring fit on your finger, then take a look at the shape of your finger. Different designs look different on our fingers because, just like ourselves, our fingers are unique. Let’s understand how each type of finger shape affects the size of the rings.

a) Long and slender fingers

For you, coloured gems with broad metal bands will be a perfect option. Broader bands will create a balance between your fingers to avoid them looking too bulky. You can check out our carefully curated collection of colour gems here.

b) Short and delicate fingers

You will want to avoid making your fingers look too small with a bigger design. If you belong to this category, we recommend narrower bands with a beautiful centre stone. Narrow bands will add length and make your finger look elegant. 

c) Fingers with large knuckles

If your knuckles are broader than the rest of your fingers, you will need a ring big enough for it to fit your knuckles easily. For you, we recommend a halo-setting engagement ring that will accentuate your fingers without making them look disproportionate. Feel free to check out this remarkable collection of halo-setting engagement rings.

d) Fingers with tapering tips

This category finds it very difficult to get a perfect size. If your fingers are broader at the base and gradually taper near your fingertips, you will need a size that fits closely to your finger. While you can either opt for vintage rings or a classic solitaire, custom fitting is the most important for you.

We know that the journey to finding your perfect fitting engagement ring isn’t an easy one. This is why we recommend visiting a trusted jeweller near you before you finalize your size.

Are you still in doubt, how should an engagement ring fit? Visit our expert team at Hanno Stockholm to find your right fit.

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